BirdDog Version 4.0

BirdDog™ Information Systems is pleased to announce the release of Version 4.0 of Remote Data Retrieval. This newest system, to which you automatically have access when you log into our host site, provides enhanced features that are certain to make you even more productive... such as a more streamlined and intuitive user interface, the ability for end-users to perform ad hoc changes to alarm settings, and layered administration. With layered administration, end-user organizations can assign BirdDog client administrators who, in turn, will be able to add/delete other enterprise users, set each user's rights (from read-only through full editing, including use of Demand Polling), reset user passwords, add/delete Morning Report recipients, and much more.

In addition to the BirdDog Remote Data Retrieval system functional enhancements, we've also deployed new security provisions to further complement our previously implemented use of an HTTPS website to provide full SSL encryption of your sensitive and proprietary information. These enhancements include the use of unique email addresses as User IDs, as well as stronger Password requirements with history restrictions and forced routine changes. As before, with just a single account User ID and Password, your log-in will provide direct access to all BirdDog SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) systems to which you have end-user rights. And as you add or remove systems from your user profile, the single sign-on process will automatically recognize those changes.

BirdDog Security Policy Change Alert

Security Policy Change Alert - For the enhanced security of BirdDog™ Information Systems users, effective November 11, 2013, User IDs will be unique email addresses and account password requirements will be strengthened. New passwords will need to be at least 8 characters in length and contain at least one each of the following characters: uppercase alphabetical; lowercase alphabetical; numeric; and “special” (such as @, &, _, #, etc.). At the appropriate time, you will be prompted during your BirdDog log-in to click on a webpage link that will provide more details and guide you through your password change process.

BirdDog System Support

  • Log-in and system support, including password resets, are available to customers on a 24x7 basis by calling, toll-free, 800-231-9741. During business hours (8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday), your call will be directed to the appropriate technical support or customer service team member.

  • During non-business hours, callers will be presented with a main menu which includes an option to reach system support and, if appropriate, to mark your message as “urgent” for an expedited response. Non-urgent support calls will be returned the next business day.

  • System support requests or questions may also be submitted via e-mail to

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Flow-Cal President Mike Squyres Receives ISHM Laurance S. Reid Award
Date: 5/20/2015

May 5, 2015 - HOUSTON -- Flow-Cal, Inc. (, the market leader in measurement data management for natural gas and petroleum liquids, is proud to announce that Flow-Cal President Mike Squyres is the recipient of the 2015 Laurance S. Reid Award from the International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (ISHM). Squyres will be presented with the award at the 90th annual school, held at the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma May 12-14, 2015.
Squyres has more than 25 years of experience in designing and developing both gas and liquid measurement applications. He began his career with Coastal Flow Measurement Companies in 1987 as a computer programmer, and quickly ascended to a Vice President position. By 1995, Squyres introduced the first commercial FLOWCAL measurement application to manage the massive amount of data generated by flow computers and automate the once-manual process. As the President of Flow-Cal, he has worked directly with SCADA, EFM and standards organizations to pioneer better ways to validate, calculate and report measurement data.
“It is an immense honor to be recognized by ISHM, and the industry, as a leader in the field of measurement,” says Squyres. “I’ve devoted my career to building Flow-Cal and our products. The reward is seeing the progress we’ve made and the transformation within the industry. It is such an achievement to be considered amongst the ranks of my predecessors who have made such meaningful contributions.”
Squyres has provided consulting services for domestic and international measurement applications, both on and offshore. He is directly involved in the identification and development of specialty applications serving producers, midstream, pipeline and distribution companies.
Squyres is an active voting member of American Petroleum Institute (API), Southern Gas Association (SGA), Canadian Gas Association (CGA), Gulf Coast Measurement Society and Midwest Measurement Society and also serves on the board of directors for ASGMT. He serves as an instructor for the American School of Gas Measurement and Technology (ASGMT), International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (ISHM), and many other industry-related schools and short courses.
Mike Squyres is the 35th recipient of the Laurance S. Reid award, which ISHM presents annually to honor industry leaders who have made exceptional contributions to hydrocarbon measurement and control.
About Flow-Cal, Inc.
Flow-Cal, Inc., a Houston-based software developer, is the industry-leader in measurement data management for natural gas and petroleum liquids. Flow-Cal’s software is used throughout the industry to validate, recalculate, store and report measurement data from field devices, and link that information to users and stakeholders throughout an organization. Flow-Cal’s full line of measurement software applications range from simple, inexpensive data management and reporting programs (designed for smaller companies) to enterprise-wide applications that are utilized by Fortune 500 companies.

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