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Coastal Flow Measurement Releases Whitepaper on EGM Outsourcing
Start Date: 11/9/2017
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2 P.M. CT, November 09, 2017

Coastal Flow Measurement Releases Whitepaper on EGM Outsourcing
Whitepaper entitled "When Measurement Really Matters…Consider the Benefits of EGM Outsourcing" is now available for viewing and downloading at the company’s website

HOUSTON, TX, NOVEMBER 9, 2017:  The Coastal Flow Measurement family of companies today released their newest whitepaper, "When Measurement Really Matters…Consider the Benefits of EGM Outsourcing," authored by long-time industry veteran Mark Fillman, Coastal Flow’s President.  The whitepaper provides a contemporary overview of how business process automation (BPA), in combination with advanced integrated hydrocarbon measurement processes, allows both large and small natural gas producers to achieve highly cost-effective electronic gas measurement (EGM) through outsourcing.
The whitepaper addresses measurement policies & procedures, staffing, departmental operational expenses, as well as EGM data management and processing considerations.  These elements are critical regardless of whether production measurement is an in-house expense center or outsourced service.  By adhering to industry best practices while fully automating and integrating the production measurement process, companies can achieve significant bottom-line benefits while ensuring highly accurate, accountable, and timely close-out of monthly production data.
Jayson Payne, Vice President of Digital Operations for Coastal Flow, said, "During development of our Production iMeasurement service, we’ve drawn from five decades of industry experience combined with advanced process development and systems integration in natural gas measurement.  This has allowed us to create a unique outsourcing service for producers of all sizes which offers substantial economic and operational benefits.  This whitepaper describes many of the key technical and functional considerations which underlie the EGM outsourcing value proposition."

The whitepaper as well as more details on Coastal Flow’s Production iMeasurement service are available on the company’s website at or by phone at 800-231-9741 and 281-282-0622.



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The Houston, Texas based Coastal Flow Measurement family of companies continues to grow dramatically and now ranks among the largest energy measurement services and software providers in the world. Its operating companies include: Coastal Flow Liquid Measurement, a rapidly expanding organization that provides a broad range of hydrocarbon liquid measurement products and services, including custody transfer measurement as well as meter proving and calibration; Flow-Cal®, the international leader in advanced software and services for electronic flow measurement; Coastal Flow Gas Measurement, including its Energy Labs, Field Services, and iMeasurement Services, the recognized experts in seamlessly providing value-added hydrocarbon measurement services from field operations to final accounting; and BirdDog Information Systems, offering advanced remote data collection, processing, and web-based delivery.


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