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Coastal Flow Measurement Announces Production iMeasurement (PiM) Service
Start Date: 7/27/2017
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End Date: 7/27/2017
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P.O. Box 58965 Houston, TX
Phone: 281-282-0622
Fax: 281-282-0792


Contact: Grant Lyon
Phone: 800-231-9741
2 P.M. CT, July 27, 2017

Coastal Flow Measurement Announces
Production iMeasurement® (PiM™) Service

Innovative allocation measurement process provides natural gas producers with
accurate, accountable measurement data and immediate bottom-line benefits

HOUSTON, TX, JULY 27, 2017:  The Coastal Flow Measurement family of companies today formally introduced their Production iMeasurement (PiM) service.  The result of over 40 years of natural gas measurement experience, Coastal Flow’s Production iMeasurement service is an innovative and highly affordable allocation measurement process that provides natural gas producers with accurate, accountable gas measurement data and immediate bottom-line benefits.  By leveraging the latest technologies in combination with extensive natural gas measurement experience, the company is able to efficiently and cost-effectively integrate the component services which comprise an industry-leading allocation measurement process.


PiM is acknowledged as the most cost-effective solution available anywhere for natural gas allocation measurement.  PiM clients not only save time and money, but they're confident that their Production iMeasurement data is accurate, comprehensive, transparent, and fully compliant with industry standards for best practices.  The designation iMeasurement® refers to the advanced integrated measurement processes that encompass the entire spectrum of volume and energy determinations in hydrocarbon streams.  This unified process, with the FLOWCAL Enterprise® software system at its heart, is the operational foundation for Production iMeasurement.
Mark Fillman, President of Coastal Flow Measurement, said, "Development of Production iMeasurement is the result of five decades as a leader in natural gas measurement combined with advanced process and systems integration.  By leveraging our expertise in measurement with the latest in secure data processing and communications technologies, we’ve been able to create an exceptional, highly-scalable service which maximizes the cost-effectiveness of allocation measurement for producers of all sizes."
More information on Coastal Flow’s Production iMeasurement service is available on the company’s website at or by phone at 800-231-9741 and 281-282-0622.


About Coastal Flow
The Houston, Texas based Coastal Flow Measurement family of companies continues to grow dramatically and now ranks among the largest energy measurement services and software providers in the world. Its operating companies include: Coastal Flow Liquid Measurement, a rapidly expanding organization that provides a broad range of hydrocarbon liquid measurement products and services, including custody transfer measurement as well as meter proving and calibration; Flow-Cal®, the international leader in advanced software and services for electronic flow measurement; Coastal Flow Gas Measurement, including its Energy Labs, Field Services, and iMeasurement Services, the recognized experts in seamlessly providing value-added hydrocarbon measurement services from field operations to final accounting; and BirdDog Information Systems, offering advanced remote data collection, processing, and web-based delivery.


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