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Coastal Flow Measurement Announces BirdDog Electronic Ticketing Service (BETS)
Start Date: 8/11/2015
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End Date: 8/11/2015
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Contact: Andy Cherry
Phone: 800-231-9741
2 P.M. CT, August 11, 2015

Coastal Flow Measurement Announces
BirdDog Electronic Ticketing Service (BETS)
Leading-edge solution for moving from paper forms to electronic
ticketing for load transfers

HOUSTON, TX, August 11, 2015:  The Coastal Flow Measurement family of companies today formally introduced their BirdDog™ Electronic Ticketing Service (BETS™).  Developed, maintained, and supported by the BirdDog Information Systems division, this innovative service provides a simple, straightforward, and extremely economical option for converting from legacy, paper-based delivery tickets to a comprehensive electronic ticketing system.  With a special emphasis on the loading and transfer of crude oil, condensate, and other hydrocarbon liquids with LACT, ACT, and tank-based transfer operations, the BETS system is easily accessed across the Internet with virtually any leading browser or through the mobile smartphone and tablet app.
To ease the move from paper to electronic delivery tickets, BETS offers the option of custom data input screens for each transfer location that can mimic driver-completed forms which are part of the legacy loading and unloading process.  Client-specified validity-check limits reduce the potential for manual data entry errors, and the mobile app permits off-line ticket preparation when outside of service range.

Once load transfer data has been entered into BETS, the electronic delivery ticket is created and immediately distributed in PDF file format to a predefined email recipient list.  The BirdDog Electronic Ticketing Service also generates and distributes native Flow-Cal® TFX files for direct import into the FLOWCAL Enterprise™ Liquids module.  Other client-specific files can easily be included, and all information is fully archived for easy review, analysis, and reporting.  Custom data exports are available with the content, file type, and frequency needed by each customer.  And no contracts are required – service is provided on a month-to-month basis and includes unlimited tickets, users, and data storage per transfer location.

BETS is available through traditional browser-based access of the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) hosted system; the BirdDog™ IS Mobile iOS app (with an Android version coming soon) provides convenient anytime-anywhere BETS use for entering new tickets or historical data review.  Optional Bluetooth printing from the mobile app offers immediate hardcopy run tickets for driver documentation and onsite record retention.


Intuitive, user-friendly BirdDog Electronic Ticketing System input form & website


Jayson Payne, Vice President of Digital Operations, said that “BETS offers the petroleum industry a fully functional yet exceedingly simple electronic ticketing solution with immediacy of data capture, distribution, and web-based posting for review and audit-trail purposes.  By recording flow at the gathering or unloading point and making the information immediately available in electronic form, including the increasingly more important TFX file format, disputes can be readily resolved and transportation losses minimized…adding significant transparency and reconcilability to the entire process.”
More information and technical details on the BirdDog Electronic Ticketing Service are available at or by phone at 800-231-9741 or 713-477-1956.

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The Houston, Texas based Coastal Flow Measurement family of companies continues to grow dramatically and now ranks among the largest energy measurement services and software providers in the world. Its operating companies include: Coastal Flow Liquid Measurement, a rapidly expanding organization that provides a broad range of hydrocarbon liquid measurement products and services, including custody transfer measurement as well as meter proving and calibration; Flow-Cal®, the international leader in advanced software and services for electronic flow measurement; Coastal Flow Gas Measurement, including its Energy Labs, Field Services, and iMeasurement Services, the recognized experts in seamlessly providing value-added hydrocarbon measurement services from field operations to final accounting; and BirdDog Information Systems, offering advanced remote data collection, processing, and web-based delivery.


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