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Start Date: 1/22/2014
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2 P.M. CT, January 22, 2014


Company's Latest Training Class Reaches Milestone Target

HOUSTON, TX, January 22, 2014: Coastal Flow Measurement today announced that they've successfully reached their initial commitment to fully train 15 returning veterans for careers in hydrocarbon measurement. This achievement means that each of these veterans has completed the curriculum requirements and earned a certification in meter inspection and calibration, a highly valued accreditation throughout the energy industries.


Originally launched in 2012, Coastal Flow's Operation Eagle Ford Shale Gas-Tech is an ambitious program to recruit and train returning military veterans for a career in hydrocarbon measurement, in general, and natural gas measurement, in particular. With the continued exceptional increase in oil and gas production in the Eagle Ford Shale region of South Central Texas, as well as other shale plays across the country, the need for skilled measurement personnel is at an all-time high. This initiative is intended to help alleviate that demand while, perhaps even more importantly, providing jobs for vets. This program is also a demonstration of Coastal Flow's sincere appreciation for all military veterans while supporting the oil and gas industry's growth.


Coastal Flow Measurement has been directly involved with recruiting, training, and managing natural gas measurement technicians since the 1970s. As a result, the company has become extremely well versed in identifying the aptitude, skill set, and motivation required for long-term career success in these positions, and in developing the requisite training curricula. Much of this has been summarized in Coastal Flow's latest whitepaper entitled Training Natural Gas Orifice Measurement Technicians, which is available for viewing and downloading from the company's website.


While the initial program targets have been met, Coastal Flow continues to actively seek companies interested in hiring qualified returning veterans who successfully complete this comprehensive measurement training program. And for those future vets who are accepted into this program, Coastal Flow will provide basic natural gas measurement training, including all course materials, at no cost to the trainees.


Mr. Mark Fillman, Coastal Flow's Chief Operating Officer, has reiterated the company's unwavering commitment to this program, the industry, and our military veterans. Mr. Fillman said, "We've been fortunate to have a number of vets employed by our company, and they've repeatedly proven themselves to be extremely productive, outstanding members of our team. We're confident that we can continue to train and then help find measurement jobs for vets in our industry."


More details on Operation Eagle Ford Shale Gas-Tech, as well as information on the general products and technical services offered by Coastal Flow, are available on the web (, by phone (toll-free at 800-231-9741 or 281-282-0622), or through e-mail (

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