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Coastal Flow Announces Latest Release of BirdDog Remote Data Retrieval System
Start Date: 11/5/2013
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End Date: 11/5/2013
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Contact: John P. Anerousis, P.E.

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2 P.M. CT, November 5, 2013

Coastal Flow Announces Latest Release of

BirdDog Remote Data Retrieval System

Version 4 Includes Security & Administrative Enhancements for All BirdDog Systems

HOUSTON, TX, November 5, 2013: Coastal Flow Measurement today announced the release of version 4.0 of the company's BirdDog™ Remote Data Retrieval System. This newest system, to which all BirdDog users automatically have access when logged into the host SaaS site, provides enhanced security features — such as unique email addresses for each User ID, stronger password requirements, forced password changes, and password history restrictions — to complement SSL encryption. In addition, the BirdDog Remote Data Retrieval system continues its industry-leading position by adding, among other features, layered administration, the ability for end-users to perform ad hoc changes to alarm settings, and fully customizable distribution of BirdDog Morning Reports, all with an even more streamlined and intuitive user interface. With layered administration, end-user organizations will assign BirdDog client administrators who, in turn, will be able to add/delete other enterprise users, set each user's rights (from read-only through full editing, including use of Demand Poll), reset user passwords, add/delete Morning Report recipients, and much more.


The BirdDog Remote Data Retrieval System provides access to information from monitored remote locations through a convenient web interface, with BirdDog Morning Reports delivered daily via e-mail. Data is collected and logged according to AGA 14.3 and stored in an API Chapter 21.1 compliant format, essential for downstream review, recalculation, volume reporting, and auditing. And the BirdDog System allows scheduling of routine data retrieval polling and automatic updates to reports and graphs for subsequent viewing and analysis. Advanced security features permit data to be selectively viewed according to the end-user, specific parameters, and monitored locations. Alarms on exception may be sent as text messages to cell phones and pagers, or directly to email accounts, with satellite-based alarm options for critical equipment or conditions which warrant immediate notifications.


More information on the BirdDog Remote Data Retrieval System, its newest release, and the latest security features is available from Coastal Flow by phone (toll-free at 800-231-9741 or 281-282-0622) or email (


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The Houston, Texas based Coastal Flow Measurement family of companies continues to grow dramatically and now ranks among the largest energy measurement services and software providers in the world. Its operating companies include: Coastal Flow Liquid Measurement, a rapidly expanding organization that provides a broad range of hydrocarbon liquid measurement products and services, including custody transfer measurement as well as meter proving and calibration; Flow-Cal®, the international leader in advanced software and services for electronic flow measurement; Coastal Flow Gas Measurement, including its Energy Labs, Field Services, and iMeasurement Services, the recognized experts in seamlessly providing value-added hydrocarbon measurement services from field operations to final accounting; and BirdDog™ Information Systems, offering advanced remote data collection, processing, and web-based delivery.




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