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Coastal Flow Launches BirdDog Information Systems Division - Introduces Web Report Warehouse
Start Date: 1/17/2012
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End Date: 8/28/2012
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P.O. Box 58965
Houston, TX 77258-8965
Phone: 281-282-0622
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Contact: John P. Anerousis, P.E.
Phone: 800-231-9741
2 P.M. CT, January 17, 2012


Company’s New Unit Offers Advanced SaaS Measurement Applications

HOUSTON, TX, MARCH 6, 2012: Coastal Flow Measurement today announced the launch of its BirdDog™ Information Systems business unit and the concurrent release of Web Report Warehouse, the company’s latest Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) measurement system.

With a focus on advanced remote information collection, processing, and web-based delivery, the formation of BirdDog Information Systems demonstrates Coastal Flow’s increasing commitment to provide SaaS-based applications which support a full range of gas and hydrocarbon liquid measurement activities within the energy industries. By leveraging the power of FLOWCAL Enterprise software, the worldwide gold standard for comprehensive and scalable measurement data management, BirdDog Information Systems applications share a powerful foundation that also ensures strict adherence to industry standards and best practices.

The now available Web Report Warehouse system offers secure 24x7 online access to current and historical report data including volume statements, test reports, and laboratory analyses. Users may view, print, and download reports in PDF file format, and can securely share information access with entitled third-parties. Historical data for all measurement stations and meters can be made available through this single web-accessible system, and the Web Report Warehouse provides users with another optional resource for comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

R. Michael Squyres, President of Flow-Cal, Inc., an affiliate of Coastal Flow Measurement, expressed his enthusiastic support for BirdDog’s SaaS approach and standardization on FLOWCAL Enterprise to ensure rigorous computational accuracy. Mr. Squyres said, “The energy industries require an extremely high level of measurement consistency and precision, with the flexibility to accommodate both field and office personnel. The BirdDog Information Systems applications and SaaS delivery model provide a technically sound yet flexible solution that fully meets these requirements.”

More information on the products and technical services offered by Coastal Flow and its BirdDog Information Services division is available on the web (, by phone (toll-free at 800-231-9741 or 281-282-0622), or through e-mail (

About Coastal Flow
The Houston, Texas based Coastal Flow Measurement family of companies continues to grow dramatically and now ranks among the largest energy measurement services and software providers in the world. Its operating companies include: Coastal Flow Liquid Measurement, a rapidly expanding organization that provides a broad range of hydrocarbon liquid measurement products and services, including custody transfer measurement as well as meter proving and calibration; Flow-Cal®, the international leader in advanced software and services for electronic flow measurement; Coastal Flow Gas Measurement, including its Energy Labs and Field Services divisions, the recognized experts in seamlessly providing value-added hydrocarbon measurement services from field operations to final accounting; and BirdDog™ Information Systems, offering advanced remote data collection, processing, and web-based delivery.

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