Coastal Flow’s Production iMeasurement service is an innovative and highly affordable allocation measurement process that provides natural gas producers with accurate, accountable gas measurement data and immediate bottom-line benefits. The result of over 40 years of natural gas measurement experience, PiM is the most cost-effective solution available anywhere for natural gas allocation measurement.

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PiM Features & Benefits

A broad range of operational features and benefits are available through Coastal Flow’s leading-edge Production iMeasurement service, including those listed on our summary table. By leveraging the latest technologies in combination with our extensive natural gas measurement experience, we’re able to efficiently and cost-effectively integrate the component services which comprise an industry-leading allocation measurement process. The specific features and benefits listed here will provide an informative insight into PiM.

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PiM Library of Services & Technology

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The designation iMeasurement refers to the advanced integrated measurement processes that encompass the entire spectrum of volume and energy determinations in hydrocarbon streams.  This process, with the FLOWCAL Enterprise® software system at its heart, is the operational foundation for Production iMeasurement or PiM.  This depiction shows the major functional components and primary data flows which comprise iMeasurement.